Your Bungy Experience

“Awesome! Your brain says no but you say go!”

Rodney Price , US

“I have waited until I did the sky jump twice, the tower climb, and nine bungee jumps before reviewing.

1. Staff - extremely nice and encouraging. They will take care of you.

2. Safety - everything is robust and kept in working order with daily checks. They have bungee down to a science. They know how far you will drop, they take it seriously!

3. Sky jump - Awesome! Your brain says no but you say go. It's a breath taking thrill. Low impact. You can do it!

4. Tower climb - physically exhausting but I'm 48 and over weight. Completely safe and it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Unbelievable view from the top. As you look around, there is nothing up there but you and the slender tower. Nothing else to gauge from. Totally worth it!

5. Bungy jump - I can't say enough good things about it. Safe! They have an excellent system to keep you and others safe. Multiple safety checks and constant communications with everybody involved.

6. Photo and video package - second to none. They have multiple mounted cameras as well as staff taking pictures. They get the good shots that you could only dream of getting yourself. Don't leave without getting that to share with friends & family.


Bungy Jump - Full