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Walk on the wild side - 233m

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Skywalk in Macau

Imagine you're standing on top of a Tall Tower 233 meters/764 feet high. Now take a stroll around the outer perimeter that encircles the tower. Piece of cake, right? Oh, did we tell you that the walkway is just 1.8 meters wide, and you’re actually outside the tower in the open and, get this, THERE'S NO HANDRAIL! 

Welcome to Skywalk - Fun for the family and all ages!

Skywalk is an adventure that takes the hair raising fun of Skywalk to its limit!  Ready for a walk on the wild side? Come and test your nerves on Skywalk today!

This is a great activity to do with friends or family and a very rewarding experience. If you want a memorable souvenir photo while in Macau, you won’t beat this!

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  • 788
  • Includes

    • 1x Skywalk
      (20 minute max)
    • 1x e-Certificate
    • 1x Exclusive T-shirt
    • 1x AJ Hackett International Membership Card
      *20% Off Worldwide!
    • Photos in USB
    • F&B discounts at Macau Tower
    • FREE Tower Admission Ticket


    *AJ Hackett International Membership discounts are only applicable to Standard packages.

Fast Facts

  • Established: October 2002
  • Height of walk: 233m/764ft
  • All trips are guided with commentary
  • Walkers are in specially designed walk harnesses
  • All walkers are attached by 2 points of contact
  • Walkers can lean off, sit down, walk and fly around the outside
  • Night walks available
  • Amazing views of Macau and Mainland China

Important Information

  • These activity prices includes tower entry price of MOP135
  • No age restriction. Children need to fit harnesses supplied securely, clients as young as 2 years old have enjoyed the walk.
  • No weight restriction.
  • Written parental authorization for under 18 years old.
  • NOTE: If it's your birthday please let us know!!!

Medical Conditions

You need to inform us of:
High Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Neurological Disorders, Epilepsy, Previous Dislocations, Recent Sprains, Fragile Skin, Artificial Limbs, Asthma.
Please note - this list is NOT exhaustive.

Please inform us of any other medical conditions you may have and if you are unsure please ask your medical practitioner.

Cancellation Policy

After Booking, Registration and Payment: No Refund


FAQ 1 – Can I wear like sandals or flip-flops on the Skywalk?

No you can’t. Security is our highest priority, sturdy shoes must be worn and can be provided for you free of charge.

FAQ 2 – How long will the outside walk last?

The Skywalk activity will go from 15min to 20 min.

FAQ 3 - If I decided not to walk when I am already on the edge, will I get refund?

No, you won’t. No refund is given after booking, registration and payment and/or once the customer has stepped on to the walking platform.

FAQ 4 – Have all the AJ Hackett staff done it?

Yes, all staff are required to do the walk.

FAQ 5 – Can I take my own camera outside onto the SkyWalk platform?

Due to safety reasons you cannot take your own camera outside. Our guides will be taking photos for you during your Skywalk, which will then be given to you on a Photo CD at the completion of the walk.

FAQ 6 – What weather conditions require you to shut down the AJ Hackett activities?

High winds, typhoons signals and/or heavy rain and lightning may shut down our activities temporarily here the Macau Tower.

If you are unsure about the weather call us for an update +835 8988 8656.

FAQ 7 – What is the best time to do the Skywalk (least waiting time)?

First thing in the morning straight after we open:

• Mon – Fri 11am, Sat – Sun 10am
• July and August 10am every day.

FAQ 8 – How am I secure on the skywalk?

On Skywalk you are attached to 2 safety lines.

The first one is a static line which is attached to you back. It serves the purpose that if you were to fall, the maximum distance you
could fall is the length of the rope.

The second is another static line with and an adjustable asender. The asender his hand operated and helps the cliet move the rope up or down
depending what activity the client is doing at the time on the Skywalk.

Both static ropes are attached to the Skywalk X block that is above the clients head!


Most definitely. Some periods of the year and times of the day our site gets booked out. Book in advance to avoid disappointment: book here.

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