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Skyjump in Macau

For those of you who would like to jump from the Macau Tower and are looking for a less challenging way to do it than Bungy, try SKYJUMP!

Designed and invented in New Zealand, Skyjump is a controlled decent experience and you jump from the same platform as Bungy at 233m/764ft.

SkyJump can be described as Base Jumping, while attached to a wire cable – just like a movie stuntman! Your descent takes around 17 seconds before you come to a very smooth landing (on your feet) at the ground floor plaza at the base of the tower.

Skyjump is different from Bungy jumping as you don't free fall or rebound and you jump in a standing position and stay that way all the way to the ground.

It's a one way vertical drop - hang on!

In Macau we offer single and tandem jump options.

Sky Jump AJ Hackett
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SkyJump - Full

  • 2988
  • Includes

    • 1x Skyjump
    • 1x e-Certificate
    • 1x Exclusive T-shirt
    • 1x AJ Hackett International Membership Card
      *20% Off Worldwide!
    • Photos, HD Video & GoPro footage in USB
    • F&B discounts at Macau Tower
    • FREE Tower Admission Ticket

    *AJ Hackett International Membership discounts are only applicable to Standard packages.

Photo & Video

We take great pride in taking photos & HD Video from the most outrageous vantage spots so you get THE BEST memories of your Jump! Our video system uses the latest filming, recording and editing technology and uses high end broadcast quality cannon cameras. Photo and video are supplied on USB memory sticks.

All video purchases receive the video story of AJ Hackett and our worldwide sites.

NOTE: If it's your birthday please let us know!!!

Important Information

  • These activity prices includes tower entry price of MOP135
  • Minimum jump age 10 years old
  • Written parental authorization for clients under 16 years old
  • Minimum jump weight 40kg

Medical Conditions

You need to inform us of:
High Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Neurological Disorders, Epilepsy, Previous Dislocations, Recent Sprains, Fragile Skin, Artificial Limbs, Asthma.
Please note - this list is NOT exhaustive.

Please inform us of any other medical conditions you may have and if you are unsure please ask your medical practitioner.

Cancellation Policy

After Booking, Registration and Payment: No Refund


FAQ 1 - What is the difference of Bungy Jump and Skyjump?

The Bungy Jump will give you a 4-6 seconds free fall experience, reaching a speed of 170kmph depending on the person’s weight. The jumper will fall head first and will be tied by his/her feet.

The Skyjump product is less challenging than the Bungy Jump and uses fan descending technology similar to that used in stunts for movies. Without free falling once you jump from the 233 meter platform you enjoy a 17 second flight before slowing down gradually and landing comfortably on your feet at ground level. This is both fun and a challenge and popular with people who are not quite ready for the Bungy Jump.

FAQ 2 – Are there any weight or age restrictions for the Skyjump?

  • Yes, the minimum age for Skyjump should be 10 years of age but It’s more a case if the client fits the harness than actually an age matter.
  • Yes, the maximum weight for Skyjump is 120kgs (including harness). This does not exclude having two people jump together, if they don’t exceed the maximum weight.

FAQ 3 – I wear glasses - can I Skyjump with them on? How about contacts?

You can wear glasses for Skyjump, you can also wear contacts lenses, no problem.

FAQ 4 - If I decided not to jump when I am already on the edge, will I get refund?

No, you won’t. No refund is given after booking, registration and payment and/or once the customer has stepped on to the jump deck.

FAQ 5 – Have all the AJ Hackett staff done it?

Yes, all staff are required to do the jump.

FAQ 6 – Do you provide helmet cams?

Yes we do. We give our clients an option:

  • If you buy the video/photo package for $699mop, then you can pay an extra $200mop to use our Go-Pro.
  • You can also bring your own Go-Pro cams and use them for no extra charge if you buy the video/photo package.

FAQ 7 – I didn't purchase a video or photos on the day, can I buy them after my jump?

Yes, you may buy them after the jump, we will keep your photos/videos, but only for the period of 2 weeks.

FAQ 8 – What weather conditions require you to shut down the AJ Hackett activities?

High winds, typhoons signals and/or heavy rain and lightning may shut down our activities temporarily here the Macau Tower. If you are unsure about the weather call us for an update +835 8988 8656.

FAQ 9 – What is the best time to jump (least waiting time)?

First thing in the morning straight after we open:

  • Mon – Fri 11am, Sat – Sun 10am.
  • July and August 10am every day.

FAQ 10 – Should I book before coming out?

Most definitely. Some periods of the year and times of the day our site gets booked out.
Book in advance to avoid disappointment: book here

Fast Facts

  • Established: 2002
  • Jump Height: 233m/764ft
  • Single or tandem jumps availabe
  • Feet first decent system
  • Day or night jumping available
  • Costumes available (extra cost)