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we did it!

official count: 542

We have received authentication from Guinness World Records….. It is OFFICIAL - we have beaten the World Record by 36 People!!!

To receive authentication, we sent in

  1. 1x Video that ran continually for the 14hours
  2. ALL 542 Individual videos taken on the day
  3. 13x Independent Witness statements
  4. 2x Logbooks showing time of jump and time finished at the raft station
  5. 1x Logbook from front door, showing all people signed in for the Bungy Jump
  6. Random angle photos of the day
  7. AJHC Cover letter, explaining purpose of Event
  8. Notification of the process used on the day for authentication
  9. Proof of Media articles


Was such a great way to celebrate our 25th anniversary of operating in Cairns..... 

Official photographs have been loaded onto our Facebook page - check it out! 

Thank you again for everyone who participated, came out to support us, volunteered and most of all – the AJHC Crew, you guys rocked it!



The AJ Crew