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The Venue embodies these three elements to create a fun, fresh environment for schools & team building. We have worked with local schools to be incorporated into local curriculum for Physics classes with groups needing to visit each area of the site to learn something new.

The Rainforest Amphitheatre is perfect for group day sessions incorporating sunshine, adventure and team bonding in one huge space. Dry hire the area or ask our Events Manager for anything you need from juice bars, sunrise yoga, native cooking and basket weaving classes and so much more. 

To check out a few of the most commonly questions on our Myths & FAQs page or enquire today!

And for extra credit…

Nestled in the Rainforest on top of Australia's Only Bungy Jump a staggering 164m above sea level, is the perfect place to challenge personal limits. Teams will have to work together to learn their way around ropes and knots, determining who will be first to take the leap of faith from the 50m tower. The remaining group members will complete the equally challenging, Minjin Jungle Swing. Hoisting up to 3 team members at once a "higher-than-it-sounds" 45 metres above the rainforest, the only way down is a self-release cord...

Get out of the conference room and #defygravity today!

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