Terms and Conditions

AJ Hackett Consumer Policy

This represents the consumer policy of Cairns Bungy Centre Pty Ltd (ABN 81 050 398 313) for online purchases.

For customers who book and pay through this website, refunds will be given under the following circumstances:

  • Before registration on the day of your activity.
  • Where the event on the intended date of booking is cancelled by us and an alternative time is not acceptable to the customer;
  • Where goods purchased are defective or not fit for purpose;
  • Where an Australian (Commonwealth or State) government department, or court mandates a refund be issued.

Under no circumstances will refunds be issued 30 days after receipt of goods or 30 days after the intended booking date.

Any disputes under this policy can be lodged in writing to Cairns Bungy Centre Pty. Ltd. no later than 30 days following the intended booking date.

AJ Hackett Privacy Policy Overview

This represents the privacy and information handling policy of Cairns Bungy Centre Pty. Ltd. and its subsidiaries hereunder written as "AJ Hackett Cairns". This policy document was approved by the board of directors of Cairns Bungy Centre Pty. Ltd. on 1st February 2010 and supersedes any previous documents. What information we collect and store.

Information collected may be personal details of individuals or specific details on companies, hereunder written as "information".

Only the required information needed to provide the services purchased is collected by AJ Hackett Cairns. This may include information not directly needed for the provision of service but needed for contact purposes or to fulfil regulatory requirements.

AJ Hackett Cairns also stores on its servers information which is collected by its clients for their business purposes, hereunder written as "client owned information" Client owned information is subject to the terms of the client's privacy and information handling policy.

How we collect information

Information collected by AJ Hackett Cairns is primarily supplied by the client upon the purchase of services.

Information may also be sourced from public databases like telephone listings, websites, etc.

Client owned information is collected in accordance with the client's privacy and information handling policy.

How we use information

AJ Hackett Cairns uses information for the provision of services to its clients. AJ Hackett Cairns also uses information for the purposes of notifying its clients of changes to services, disruptions, and new products and services.

AJ Hackett Cairns may disclose information to third parties when necessary for the provision of services. For example: domain registries, hosting partners. AJ Hackett Cairns only engages third parties which are known to be trusted and in compliance with privacy laws and accepted guidelines. Information provided in such a manner is then subject to the privacy policy of the third party.

AJ Hackett Cairns uses client owned information for the provision of service only. Client owned information is used for system accounting and system generated communications which are controlled by the client. Other uses of client owned information are documented in the client's privacy and information handling policy.

AJ Hackett Cairns may be required by law to disclose information and client owned information upon being issued with a relevant court order.

How we secure your information

AJ Hackett Cairns takes the securing of information and client owned information seriously. Information security policies and practices have been developed by a qualified security professional and are enforced.

Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information (electronic or otherwise) in the custody of AJ Hackett Cairns by ensuring industry best practices are being adhered to.

Your rights

You have the right to expect that information which is collected and stored by AJ Hackett Cairns is accurate, up to date and secure.

You have the right to expect that information will not be disclosed to third parties for the purposes of marketing.

You have the right to "opt out" of any regular communication by AJ Hackett Cairns which is not necessary to the provision of services. To notify AJ Hackett Cairns of an intention to opt out of a particular communication, please contact us here.

You can access the information stored on file by AJ Hackett Cairns after a notice sent in writing to: The Chief Information Officer, Cairns Bungy Centre Pty. Ltd,  PO Box 700 Smithfield QLD 4878. AJ Hackett Cairns will require verification of identity prior to the release of information.

Client owned information can only be accessed after contacting the client in accordance with their privacy and information handling policy.

Further details

If you require further details regarding our privacy and information handling policy, please contact AJ Hackett Cairns on +61 (0)7 4057 7188