June 26 1987
Eiffel Tower

AJ launched Bungy to the world by jumping illegally of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Stock Exchange Building

AJ jumps from the Auckland Stock Exchange Building. The world’s first bungy jump from a building.

March 1988
Ohakune NZ

Opening of the AJ Hackett Bungy site in Ohakune, New Zealand. This was the world's first commercial Bungy Site.

November 12 1988
The world's first

Opening of the world’s first, year round commercial public bungy site at the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand.

From the time of gold discovery in 1862 the Kawarau Gorge made access to the Wakatipu goldfields extremely difficult. The river was a major obstacle. Ferries proved difficult and expensive to maintain, so in the 1880 a tender from John McCormick was accepted to build the historic 91-metre long bridge which now stands 43 meters above the Kawarau River.

At the time of construction the bridge was described as a ‘model structure in both design and workmanship’. It was last used by traffic in 1963.

When A.J Hackett Bungy first approached the Department of Conservation, which administers this historic reserve, in November 1989 the bridge was in a dilapidated state. By presenting an appealing case both for Bungy Jumping and the restoration of the bridge, A.J and Henry were granted a 30-day license. Proving to be a safe and successful, by May 1989 they had been granted a more permanent lease and plans were started to upgrade the whole site.

The restoration fund had reached a sufficient level by March 1990 to enable a major refit and refurbishment of the bridge, which was now sound for another 100 years.

A considerable time and money has been spent on the development of viewing platforms, walkways and a reception building. The site has been sensitively landscaped and extended to cater for the over 500,000 visitors the Bungy operation attracts every year.

Bungy code of practice

First draft of the "Bungy code of practice" presented. This document would become AS/NZS 5848 the standard by which Bungy would be and is still regulated by in New Zealand.

August 1990
Normandie, France and Cairns, Australia

Opening of AJ Hackett Bungy sites in Normandie, France and Cairns, Australia.

First Heli Jump 380m

AJ jumps for the first time from a helicopter in Normandie, France, stretching the bungy 380 meters.

AS/NZS 5848:1990

AS/NZS 5848:1990 (code of practice for bungy jumping) published for the first time.

Tourism Award for Excellence

AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown receives the New Zealand Tourism Award for Excellence. (Awarded annually to the outstanding winner of all tourism activity in NZ)

Kuranda Bungy

Opening of Kuranda Bungy, Cairns Australia.

The Sir Jack Newman Award

AJ Hackett receives "The Sir Jack Newman Award" for the individual who had contributed most to tourism in New Zealand for the Year.

UK mobile crane operation

Opening of the United Kingdom mobile crane operation.

Las Vegas and Kissimmee

Opening of Las Vegas and Kissimmee Bungy sites in the USA.

Kuta Beach, Bali

Opening of the AJ Hackett Bungy site at Kuta Beach, Bali.

Sports Unlimited, Germany

AJ Hackett Bungy forms an association with Sports Unlimited in Germany to assist in their bungy event marketing.

Ledge Bungy, Queenstown

Opening of the "Ledge" Bungy site in Queenstown.

Europe's 1st permanent heli-bungy operation

Sports Unlimited in association with AJ Hackett Action Culture set up Europe’s first permanent heli-bungy operation.

Cable system development

AJ Hackett develops a new cable system to stabilize the jump, enabling accurate jumps to be executed from high structures. This process allows him to break the world record for a building jump – 190meters from Auckland’s Sky Tower.

July 1999
Millionth jump

The AJ Hackett Bungy company celebrated its millionth Bungy Jump client after more than ten years of existence and a dozen sites across the Globe!

Scable Zip Line Opens France

Opening of the "Scable" (a 400 meter long cable ride) at the Normandie site in France.

Condesa Beach, Acapulco, Mexico

Opening of the AJ Hackett Bungy site on the Condesa Beach, Acapulco, Mexico.

Nevis Highwire Bungy

Opening of the Nevis Highwire Bungy site in Queenstown, the world’s only purpose built bungy gondola.

Minjin jungle swing opens

Opening of the "Minjin" (the worlds biggest jungle swing) at the Cairns site in Australia.

Guinness Book of Records

505 people jump at the AJ Hackett Bungy site in Cairns to break the world record for most bungy jumps done in less than 24 hours (12 hours to be exact) and earn an official listing in the Guinness Book of Records™

Royal Gorge Bridge jump

AJ and friends jump from the Royal Gorge Bridge (world’s highest suspension bridge at 291 meters)

Moto grand prix

AJ Hackett forms an association with Pulse GP to assist in event marketing of the team, in its efforts to compete in the 2001 world championship 500cc moto grand prix.

Centennial Honours Award

Centennial Honours Award 1981 - 1991 - Tourism New Zealand – jointly awarded to AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch for the most significant contribution to New Zealand tourism over the entire decade.

Adventure Park in Normandie

Opening of Adventure Park in Normandie, France.

Skywalk X and Tower Climb Open

Opening of Skywalk and Tower Climb at Macau Tower, Macau

Harbour Bridge Bungy

Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy opened in new Zealand.


Global Distribution agreements signed with 'Skyjump'.

Celebrate 15 years

AJ Hackett Cairns and Normandie celebrate 15 years of operating

Record for highest Tandem Bungy Jump

AJ sets a new Guinness World Record for the highest Tandem Bungy Jump form a helicopter over Bondi Beach Sydney – 300 meters with Australian TV personality Grant Denyer

Autobiography: Jump Start

AJ releases his first Autobiography called JUMP START. This book is released all through NZ and Australia and opened the NZ Prime Minister Helen Clarke.

World's Highest Bungy Opens 233m

Opening and jumping out of the Macau Tower in China measuring 233 metres above ground and holding the title as the highest commercial Bungy.

Gusi Peace Prize

AJ awarded the Gusi Peace Prize for his contribution to Sports.

AJ recognised in Macau

AJ Awarded by Macau Government for his contribution to Macau Tourism

This Is Your Life

On the 6 November, Hackett was honoured by New Zealand television show This Is Your Life.

Cairns Large Rainforest Area

AJ Hackett Cairns builds an amphitheatre on their site in Rainforest to hold 1000 peole for large scale events.

Normandie Viaduc Swing

AJ Hackett Normandie, France open the highest Viaduc Swing in France - 61m

June 26 2012
Celebrate 25 years since Eiffel Tower Jump

AJ Hackett International celebrate 25 years since the now famous Eiffel Tower Bungy Jump.

November 12 2013
Kawarau Bridge, NZ Celebrates 25 years of Bungy

On the 12th November 1988, 28 people paid to jump of the historic Kawarau Bridge. 25 years later the site is still pumping with hundreds of thousands of people every year stopping to watch nervous jumpers take the plunge.

July 05 2014
AJ Hackett Sochi Skypark opens to the public

After 2 years of construction the worlds most innovative gravity park opens to the public. Known as SKYPARK. Offering the worlds highest swing, worlds longest suspended pedestrian walk way, 69m stunt bungy site, 207m bungy , Megatrol Zip Line, climbing wall, adventure park, via ferrata and restaurant, bar.

August 29 2015
Guinness World Record - Most people Bungy Jumping in 24hrs

AJ Hackett Cairns site awarded Guinness World Record for 542 people Bungy Jumping in 24hours

November 2017
Sentosa, Singapore Opens

AJ Hackett Sentosa officially opens it's doors on Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore.

November 09 2017
Golden Backpack Award WINNER!

AJ Hackett Cairns is awarded "Best Activity - QLD" for Golden Backpack Awards, as voted by our awesome customers!

November 09 2017
AJ Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

AJ Hackett was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at Golden Backpack Awards, hosted on the Gold Coast

October 20 2017
Innovation Award

AJ Hackett Cairns Awarded TTNQ Innovation Excellence Award, for the implementation and introduction of new Customer Photo & Video system, now being implemented across all AJ Hackett sites and other Adventure Tourism activities globally.