Myths & FAQ


My eyes will fall out or my retina will detach if I Bungy Jump!

WRONG! This has never happened at any of our sites. The tension in your eyes when you Bungy Jump is the same as sneezing!

It will hurt my back!

WRONG! Bungy Jumping will not hurt your back, in fact the transition is really smooth, as the cord is made of elastic and it stretches with you. It has no more impact on your back than riding a mountain bike, skiing or jumping off a chair. It is surprisingly smooth.

AJ is an American!

WRONG! AJ was born in New Zealand (He's a Kiwi bro)

You can't Bungy Jump if you are physically disadvantaged!

WRONG! We can jump people if they have sore ankles or knees by using a different harness. We can also jump people in wheelchairs - and do it quite regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bungy Cord made of?

The Bungy Cord is simple in form, but complex in design. It is made of hundreds of strands of latex rubber. Each Bungy Cord is manufactured by our Jump Masters, at each of our sites, to ensure quality is at a peak at all times. The cord is stretched up to four times its length when used in a Jump!

How does the Bungy Cord work?

There are four different diameter cords and depending on how heavy you are, determines which cord you will be jumping from. Every person who Bungy Jumps is weighed and matched to the best suitable cord. The Jump Masters are able to lift or lower the bungy cord and set it to match the weight of the jumper. This enables them to judge the distance between the ground and the person down to 50cm, pretty impressive hey? Especially when jumping off a 50m or even a 233m tower.

Do you have to touch the water?

No, you don't have to touch the water, but it is awesome when you can. Just let our Jump Masters know what you'd prefer when they ask you! (Water touch options are not available in Macau or Sochi).

Can I jump tandem with a crew member?

If we are not busy and we can spare one of our crew, we often arrange for people that aren't sure if they can take on the jump by themselves the option of jumping with one of our crew (with the exception of our Macau Bungy site).

Do I need to book before coming out?

Most definitely. Some periods of the year and times of the day our sites are booked out. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Are Spectators allowed? How many can we bring?

Yes. Of course you can bring your friends and family out to the site with you! If you are self-driving, bring as many as you want to.

Where is the highest Bungy in the World?

The highest Bungy Jump in the World is in Macau, just off the coast from Hong Kong. This jump is massive and stands at 233m/764ft. The Macau tower also offers Skyjump, Tower Climb, Xposure and Skywalk  activities.

How long do you keep Bungy cords for?

We retire our cords at approximately one-third of their life. We check the cords daily and log every single jump and weight that the cord has been used for.

Will I die?

NO!!!! You will NOT die whilst Bungy Jumping at an AJ Hackett site. Not only did we invent the sport, but we have been doing it for over 25 years, with 2.5 million safe jumps world wide.......the odds are pretty well stacked up.

How am I hooked up?

Every Bungy Jumper at an AJ Hackett site has two points of contact for every jump. You will have a traditional foot tie around your ankles and a waist harness as well as a back-up form of attachment.

Email us with any other myths or questions you may have.